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Eyelashes R Us is a full-service beauty salon located in the heart of Chicago. Our principles in styling are "Simplicity and Naturalness," expressing our customers' personalities as much as possible. We go out of our way to deliver complete satisfaction for each service. If you are interested in taking advantage of our beauty services or if you would like to learn more, contact Eyelashes R Us today for more information.

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Eyelashes R Us

Chicago, IL


Eyelashes R Us offers premier waxing services, including Brazilian waxing, full-body waxing, and more. Our specialists are highly skilled in quickly and accurately removing any undesired hair. With utmost care and precision, our waxing services provide each client with personalized attention, helping them feel gorgeous and confident once again. At Eyelashes R Us, we take pride in our friendly and patient approach, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. To receive reliable waxing service, contact Eyelashes R Us today to schedule an appointment.